Nimish Goel

Nimish Goel

Hello Friends,

My name is Nimish Goel who got lucky and cleared chartered accountancy in the first attempt of November 2002. After spending a little less than a decade with Big firms like EY, KPMG and PwC, I am now on a path of entrepreneurship, running a boutique consulting firm, International Business Advisors (www.ibadvisors.co) along with two of my good old friends.

In my career span of almost 15 years (including 3 years of articleship) I have met hundreds of students like you who opt for chartered accountancy as a career. Though, lot of you are clear in your goals and objectives, a vast majority of students are very confused and not clear of what to do.  Students have loads of questions on how to do articleship, where to do articleship from, whether to do articleship or not, how to manage studies along with articleship.

As part of the Big4s, I have also interviewed hundreds of qualified chartered accountants who I have found to lack basic knowledge on variety of topics including preparing for jobs, personality improvement issues, writing smart CVs etc etc.

Generally it happens that someone senior in the family (either bhaiya, bhabhi, fufa, bua, mausa, tauji etc) who would have done well in their lives are the main mentors or guides for you, even if they have no idea of commerce or chartered accountancy. Thats because, they are perhaps the people who are well educated in the families and are looked upon for any guidance.  And the sad part is that such people despite not knowing much on chartered accountancy end up guiding you.  Even if someone has an idea of chartered accountancy or if any of the above are themselves qualified chartered accountants, they may not have the latest tools and knowledge to guide you.  Ultimately, this leads to getting advice which may not be suitable in your long term career.

My blog is an effort to help each one of you, whether a student or a qualified chartered accountant, get correct and appropriate career guidance with latest tools and knowledge to help clear all your doubts and also help you raise bar in professional as well as personal life.  You will find that each of my article is highly practical and inspired either from my own practical experience or with someone I know closely. This blog is an attempt to not only provide you the correct advise but also practical tools to implement them.  My endeavour is to help each and every one of you, my fellow friend, get correct career advice which allows you to take better decisions.  Because ultimately:

“With Better Awareness You Make Better Choices and With Better Choices You Get Better Results”

I hope I am of help to you and would be very happy to connect with each one of you at various levels of your career.  I can be reached on nimishgoel.blog@gmail.com for any questions.

Wishing you all green lights in your life…