CA Chakravyuha: Enter It, Face It, Conquer It

The thought that a majority of the CA students don't get the right advice from the right set of people, prompted me to start a blog The blog has been running for last two years and I am extremely happy, satisfied and grateful that a large number of students could benefit out of the wisdom I have been sharing.
The first and only book for CA Students that tells HOW?

The First And The Only Book For CA Students That Tells How?

If you are looking to explore Chartered Accountancy as a career, or if you are already registered in CPT/IPCC/Finals, CA Chakravyuh: Enter It, Face It, Conquer It is going to radically transform your life as a student.

It is a known truth that in the absence of a guide and mentor, a majority of CA students find themselves caught in a Chakravyuh, where it’s easier to enter, but extremely difficult to crack it.Your search for a guide will stop the moment you pick up this book.
With the help of real life examples and experiences,the book offers practical advice and guidelines and answersalmost all the questions faced by CA students, including:
1. Is doing CA really tough?
2. Should I opt for dummy articleship?
3. How do I get articleship in a good firm? What happens if I don’t?
4. Will chances to work in a big company lessen if I haven’t trained in a BIG4?
5. Which is better – Audit or Tax?
6. Why and how of Industrial training?
7. How should I behave and excel as an article trainee in my firm?
8. How do I handle a love affair during my studies?
9. How do I manage my time between work, studies and personal life?
10. How do I manage coaching classes along with office?
11. How should I study, prepare and revise for my exams?
12. Should I pick up some other course along with CA?
13. How do I manage my family’s expectations and the stress?
14. Should I leave CA if I am unable to clear exams for a long time?
This book will become your Bible that can be referred whenever you are in a doubt. Keep it at your side all throughout the CA journey.

The book will be available for sale in the last week of January 2017 but you can pre-order this book by clicking on the link below:


I sincerely hope this books help you get serious insights and make you a better professional.

All the best and take care…